Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

Several years ago a friend and colleague passed away from cancer. It hit us all hard. I had a son in her class, and he was devastated. After that, the school formed "Team Jeanne" and began raising money for Relay for Life. This year I was constantly challenged by students to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I wanted to do it to show the students my support for a good cause, but I felt the students didn't truly understand what the "challenge" was all about. I wanted the students to understand this was not just a bunch of people getting wet for fun. I thought about it a lot and decided I would do the Challenge, but the students had to raise money for "Team Jeanne" as part of our Pink Out football game. The response was amazing. Several teachers also took the challenge, along with the principal, superintendent, assistant superintendent, and me (assistant principal). We raised $466 dollars in just a couple of days. I learned the ice water was extremely cold, but I also learned when you give your heart to your students and teachers they will show you amazing things. Yes, the students found it extremely funny, but they also loved the fact that I was willing to do that for them, their parents, the cancer survivors, and the ones we lost. Was this an academic lesson? No, but it was a life lesson that I hope they learned. I also hope they learn that I will stop at nothing to do what I can to show my love for the students, teachers, and parents, and they shouldn't either. My heart is still sad over the loss of Jeanne, but I know she will live on forever in us and in our actions.