Friday, February 20, 2015


I sit here tonight kind of in a state of shock. A neighboring student's parent was killed in a car accident today due to icy conditions. She was a "Good Samaritan" helping someone who had troubles on the ice. She dies along with another mom.

I'm kind of numb. We sit here all worried about 9 weeks tests and state testing. But you want to know the truth? None of that matters. That sweet mother of 4 - yes 4- has lost her life and those children have lost their mom. 
It's time to make priorities. 

State testing is a requirement, I understand that. But you know what? I'm not going to freak out because we have missed a week of school right before state testing. I'm not going to get upset because we can't finish STAR testing. I'm not going to lose it because 9 weeks test are next week. 

Having tests are important for a couple of reasons- have the students caught on to what we are teaching? Do they need remediation? Can we move on? Otherwise ..... I just don't see the big deal. 

Should we celebrate our loves? Mom, Dad, Children, Students,  Teachers, Athletes, Coaches...... The answer is yes. Let's celebrate Life. Let's take a minute to tell those we know... I love you. Because tomorrow .... Well tomorrow isn't promised. 

Today is the day to let them know. 

So to my teachers at IMS, my students and parents, my IMS family; I love you all dearly. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. 


  1. So sorry for the family who lost their mom. Puts it all in perspective.

  2. You are right.

    The ones we love are so potently and powerfully important that little else matters when you are faced with losing them. It makes honoring and valuing them such an urgent matter. How can we best do this in a space of learning?

    How can we show that we believe deeply in one another as people, and not the processes and systems that are seemingly devaluing the individuals around us (the tests that you describe)? How can we maintain this level of priority in the face of the pressure and stress of the daily efforts for a school? I do not have the answers, but I would love to think about how we keep this culture of caring strong even when we do not perceive an impending loss.

    Thank you for sharing this story and for helping us to place our priorities in the right places.

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  3. Monica, I agree with Greg - it puts it all in perspective. At school, we teach the child, not the subject, and we love, nurture, protect, discipline, and counsel them as if they are our own. Thank you for reminding us of our priorities!