Monday, December 22, 2014

See you soon, Sugar

When asked to reflect on this year the only thing on my mind was the passing of my mom. So I decided to write a reflection of how she spent her "dash". Maybe you will come to know her and see how she affected those around her. I hope I make a difference in someone's life like she made with everyone who came in contact with her.  The two dates on her headstone aren't as important as her dash. May your dash be as full. 

On December 8, 2014 Sugar, Honey, Sweetheart departed this earth. Mrs. Charlene Rolleigh had spent 70 years here and was ready to move on. Of those 70 years she spent 48 of them telling Dr. Tom Rolleigh what to do. If you ever walked into Rolleigh Chiropractic Office you know what I am talking about. For 43 of those 48 years Dr. Rolleigh would fix your misalignments, but Mrs. Charlene would fix your soul. If she thought Dr. Rolleigh didn’t run the massager long enough she would crank it back up. If you had a bad day you might have been a 2 packer: heat packs that is. Or if it was really bad, she might even exchange them when they cooled down for a third. You never left without a pat or warm hug and a “See you soon, Sugar. You knew you were loved. Sugar, Honey, Sweetheart had three children.  Her son, Tommy, is the oldest and loves his sisters and his momma. If he thought someone was talking about either he would fight (just check his school records).  Momma loved him too. There was never a football game when you didn’t hear her screaming, “Get ‘em. Tommy!” or “Kill ‘em, Tommy!” Everyone knew where Mrs. Charlene sat.  She also was there yelling for her two daughters, Monica and Danielle (or as we affectionately called her Dede) as they cheered. When she screamed their name everyone in the stands heard her pride in them. When Monica married Chris Moss, Mrs. Charlene was so excited to get another son. She loved him dearly and no one was more proud when he became a chiropractor as well. All through chiropractic school she could be heard saying, “Wait until my son-in-law graduates, he is going to be so good. He’s just like Tom!”Mrs. Charlene’s office is filled with pictures of all her children. (Some more embarrassing than others.) She loved to show them off. Later in the years Momma became Nana and more pictures were added to her office. She was blessed with four grandchildren: two girls, Lakin and Lacey, and two boys, Harrison and Brennan. When they came along she said, “If I had known how great grandchildren would be, I would have skipped the children and gone straight to grandchildren.” Those kids love their Nana.

Although Mrs. Charlene has gone on we will always remember her love for her family, her friends, and her community.

We want to thank you all for the calls, visits, emails, texts, food, gifts, prayers, and love sent our way. As we approach Christmas we know there will be a void in our hearts because she isn’t here. But she would like to leave you with this, “I’ll see you soon, Sugar.”


  1. Monica,
    Thank you for sharing that touching tribute to your mom. Sounds like she was a wonderful caring lady. I also lost my mom recently and wrote a blog post about her passing in November called "The Calendar". It's obvious that both of our moms left a positive impact on us and the world:) Great post!


  2. I love the reminder that the dash in life is so important. It sounds as if your mom made an impact on many around her, and the world was blessed to have her for 70 years. May your new year be bright.

  3. Beautiful tribute to your mother. I never thought about the "dash" before but you're so right - the dash is the life full of experiences and relationships that live longer than the engraved dates. :)