Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our future?!?

I have been thinking about the future of our children. Every day I look at these kids, smile with them, laugh with them, reward them, and sometimes even punish them. I know for a fact they are our future. That doesn't bother me. What concerns me is that our legislature doesn't seem to realize that. These last few months have been so difficult because I have come to realize the state doesn't care if I have 33 students in a classroom. They do not understand that more classroom management than classroom learning will be going on. These classes will have more time spent on whole group instruction than small group or one-on-one. They don't realize we will be moving backward NOT forward. Having said all that.... I want to say this. We as educators: administrators, educators, are here for the children. We are not here for the paycheck... Have you seen Mississippi's pay?!? We are here because we LOVE those babies. We are here because we want to see Mississippi move forward in the future. We want Mississippi to NOT be last in education. Why won't our legislatures understand  this? My teachers make one of the lowest paychecks available, yet they come in early everyday and stay late. They spend around $500 per year out of pocket for their class and never complain. 
In the last couple of weeks we have to come to realize we might lose some teachers and may have to put 30 in a classroom. You know what? I did that- about 20 years ago I had 30-35 in a classroom. Why are we moving backward? We have made class sizes smaller because we realized that way we are able to make sure that student learned to read and learned multiplication. Now we have to move backward?!? I just do not understand.
My focus and goal this year is to make sure that every student and every teacher knows how much we appreciate them. We will do everything we can to educate these children despite our legislature not wanting to fund a "failing system". We will find grants or fundraisers to help and we will make this work. But you know what? This will only work if I can keep my teachers. Frustration is my middle name.
I'm so scared of our future in Mississippi education, but I will never give up on our "future" generation.

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